Nico Rosberg

Nico Eric Rosberg is a professional motorsports racer from Germany and he is currently driving on the Formula 1 circuit for the Mercedes GP Formula One team. Although Rosberg races in Formula 1 under the German flag, in his earlier career he has raced under the flag of Finland as he holds passports of both the countries having dual nationality. Rosberg was born on the 27th of June, 1985 in the Wiesbaden region of the erstwhile West Germany. His father is Keke Rosberg, who was the Formula One world champion during the 1982 season. Keke is Finnish while Nico’s mother Sina is German, thus, he gets to hold a dual passport of the European Union. Much of Nico’s childhood was spent in the principality of Monaco where he still continues to live and during his growing up years in this little city, he learnt his early trade of motor racing and also went to school and he is very fluent in German, Spanish, English and Italian and can speak a bit of Finnish as well.

Rosberg’s racing career properly took off in 1996 when he began to race go karts when he was just 11 years old and after some success there, he moved up a class to race in the German Formula BMW in 2002. So impressive was Nico Eric Rosberg in his drive at the German Formula BMW that he was asked to race for his father’s team in the Formula Three Euro Series. He did quite well for himself on this circuit and stayed on with the team till the end of the 2004 season. In 2005, Rosberg joined GP2 to race for the ART Grand Prix team and since this series was newly formed at the time, he came to hold the distinction of being its first ever champion.

In the autumn of 2005, it was announced by the Williams Formula One team that Nico Eric Rosberg would be their new driver for the upcoming season. In the mandatory Engineering Aptitude Test that was conducted by the team for all the drivers of the team, Rosberg scored the highest marks so far in the team’s entire history. At the end of the 2009 season, Rosberg announced that he would leave Williams due to its inability to win races and join the Mercedes GP Formula One team. Nico Eric Rosberg is currently in 7th position in the drivers’ standings.

Nico Rosberg Confident About The Upcoming Season

The 29 years old German racing car driver, Nico Rosberg said that he and his team, Mercedes are positive about their success in the 2015 season after they conducted testing for four days. At the Circuit de Catalunya, the Silver arrows managed to drive more than two thousand kilometres and thus they proved their reliability.

The total number of laps they had to complete was 446. But Nico Rosberg’s speed was by a very small margin, lower than Romain Grosjean, who was the fastest man to complete the test in this week therefore Nico Rosberg is the second fastest man to finish the test. Nico Rosberg drove on tires which were harder than those of Romain Grosjean’s car.

When the German driver was asked about his feelings regarding the upcoming racing season, he replied that he was confident about getting success in the next season. Rosberg said that he regards his present team to be a very good one but they are keeping a watch on their opponents. He said that the position of his team is among the strongest ones. Rosberg was told that his time was indeed one of the most impressive ones but he did no regard it to be so. He said that his timing was not as impressive as it was on some other days. He said that there is indeed a chance of his team putting up a spectacular performance and they are working towards that goal.

Rivalry Between Nico And Hamilton In Monaco

According to Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg has taken their rivalry to an all new dimension during the Monaco qualification. In his Mercedes Rosberg took to run off and in the lap of flying second time, Hamilton aborted it due to him.

He could not challenge for the pole. Their rivalry went from Bahrain to Barcelona but in Monaco it was taken to an extreme level which was not needed yet it came at the heat of the moment.

Hamilton remained calm and tried to change from his experience and he tries to remain positive. In the race in Monaco he left seven points. He was anxious to get back in the race. In most of the races both used the mode of engine as both wanted to win the battle.

The Story Of Nico and Lewis

In the 2014 formula one season, the battle for gaining the championship glory between Nico Roseberg and Lewis Hamilton made headlines. As the season went deeper the rivalry became bitter between the Mercedes team-mates as there were comparisons.

The only difference between other feuds and the Hamilton vs. Roseberg feud was that it first appeared in their childhood. Roseberg and Hamilton met for the first time when he was only 12 and was already dominating the karting world in Britain. He had then went to Europe to see how he stands against the best in Europe.

When Hamilton had only started out, Nico had already started to establish himself as one of the best talents coming up. The help that he got was the support due to his famous surname. Hamilton recalled his first meet with Nico. He said that he met him in Italy in 1997 during racing karts at the annual Autosport Awards. Nico was the famous upcoming kid who was racing with a top team: CRG. Hamilton was racing with Top Kart. There were many more instances as such where they crossed paths for the next few years until the time in 2000 when they became teammates for the karting squad MBM.

MBM was set up by McLaren, Mercedes-Benz. It was Keke Rosberg who signed the deal in 1988 by becoming the protégé for both Hamilton and Rosberg. Rosberg and Hamilton has been friends by the time they signed up for MBM and even though both were from different backgrounds, a deep bond developed between them.

Rosberg was the son of Keke who was the F1 world champion of 1982 and grew up in Monaco whereas Hamilton was the son of a railway worker who kept on taking up different other jobs so that he could fund the racing career of his son. Hamilton grew up in England’s Stevenage in a council estate.