Nico Rosberg Invest In What3words

Nico Rosberg, the former Formula One driver is all set to join hands with the biggest car manufacturer SAIC of China for some great investment. The multi million pound investments will be utilized for fund expansion of upcoming markets. Another manufacturer of audio and navigations popularly known as Alpine Electronics is also a part of the investment in addition to Intel Capital, who is already an existing investor. The firm is a London based which divides the world into 3 meter squares and is named as What3words. It is a revolutionary concept that talks about location and has already made a huge impact on the world. The startup investment company caught the attention of Rosberg and is therefore an investor of What3words.

Rosberg said he can get into his car and simply navigate by saying just three words. The company provides a navigation system that’s accurate so as to maximize the driving experience. The race, which took place in 2015, was more of a casual Sunday Mercedes drive than the actual racing event for Rosberg. Out of 71 laps, Rosberg led 68 and achieved victory by close to 9 seconds over his opponent Hamilton.
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Germany’s Mercedes star driver, NicoRosberg didn’t find it easy in the team especially for a greater part of the 2016 season where he was locked in a harrowing battle against Lewis Hamilton, his fellow Mercedes teammate.

The now retired driver who made his retirement known immediately after winning a driver’s title recently talked about his last season in Formula one in an interview with Daily Mail.

In the interview which he gave, he did not spare much detail as he took out time to outline the physical and mental sacrifices he had to carry out to ensure that he turns his record against Hamilton around, while also earning him a spot in the history of racing.

Upending Hamilton’s three consecutive championships and getting to the pinnacle of motor racing wasn’t an easily achievable feat for Rosberg. For more than three years, the German had to watch as his teammate posted a dazzling array of victories for the Silver Arrows thus edging him out of contention. Continue reading…

Nico Rosberg Mercedes Ambassador

Most former F1 champions remain an inspiration for current drivers.

As Lewis Hamilton preps to lead the Mercedes team this season with the Australian GP coming up this month, he feels that Nico’s title won last year will surely be a motivation for him. There is debate as to how Lewis’ performance will be this season. That is understandable as he takes up after Nico gave up his position by announcing his retirement. Last season, Nico performed with a triumphant run and Lewis will be looking to replicate the same this year as he wears his predecessor’s shoes.

Last term saw Rosberg triumph over Hamilton which was a yearlong battle between the two champions. However, with Rosberg decides to retire, the scene changed soon. This season the field is wide open for Hamilton. Nico Rosberg surprised his fans when he announced his retirement last season. Continue reading…


News outlets claim that world champion Lewis Hamilton might have lost the battle against Rosberg but he won the war.

Speculations coming in that Nico’s decision to retire from the sport might have been a direct result of mental strain.

According to the newspapers on Saturday, the intense pressure that had come from Lewis Hamilton was instrumental to the sudden retirement of Nico Rosberg. This came after Rosberg made a surprise announcement that he was quitting Formula One.

He had dropped this sensational bombshell less than a week after winning the world championship, this came as quite a shocker seeing as it was his first ever world championship victory. He claimed that he was satisfied with how far he had come in the sport and that he had climbed his mountain and reached the peak. Continue reading…


This weekend at Abu Dhabi, the final Formula One race of 2016 would be held and NicoRosberg has only one aim – to finish in the top three at the Grand Prix.

If he is able to do that, his first Formula One championship would be guaranteed.

Rosberg is in the lead for the title after garnering a 12 point lead over Lewis Hamilton in the past races. This means that even if Hamilton comes off as the winner of the race, and Rosberg is able to cross the line in third position, he (Rosberg) would still be the champion.

“Hopefully, the fans will get a great show to end the year,” said the German driver who hopes to stop his Mercedes teammate from winning a title for the third straight time and four overall titles.

For the past two seasons, Rosberg has been the runner up for the title but the odds are hugely in his favor this time around.

Going into the summer break, Rosberg was trailing behind Hamilton by 19 points but was able to turn the tables on Hamilton. A seemingly certain victory for him at the Malaysian GP was thwarted by engine failure. Continue reading…

Nico Rosberg To Bounce Back

Rosberg states that he is always strongest after he has suffered difficult moments.

The German Grand Prix which was held at Hockenheim was not ideal for him as he fell behind his competitor Lewis Hamilton. The battle between the two of them for the FI World championship still continues. Hamilton has definitely been having a strong run this year. It has also affected Nico’s scores which have turned the advantage of 43 points that he had into a deficit of 19 points.

Nico admits that his competitor has always been tough to handle. Lewis is strong and it is not only a perception. That is the case in every Grand Prix that he has competed against. Hence it is similar to launching a battle against this driver. However, Rosberg is disappointed in his performance. He had a qualifying strength in the race pace that was held on Friday. Continue reading…

Nico Rosberg Is The Name To Depend On

With the Russian Grand Prix just around the corner, F1 would be banking on Nico Rosberg.

They would need his lead to be added to Lewis Hamilton’s drive. As per point, Nico has been able to gain only about 36 points. However, F1 would need to see more leads coming in from Rosberg as well as the other Germans. Lewis Hamilton has not had a good weekend in Shanghai and for that; F1 would need the drivers to set up to put in their best in the upcoming race.

Many feel that Hamilton is not in good form and 36 points to recover would surely be tough on him. The deficit might be difficult to recover, but F1 hopes for the best in the coming races this season. The point system has undergone a change and the older system, allotted points in a more conservative manner. It might be that the older system made it easier to build up points, but the new point system is more aggressive. Continue reading…