Germany’s Mercedes star driver, NicoRosberg didn’t find it easy in the team especially for a greater part of the 2016 season where he was locked in a harrowing battle against Lewis Hamilton, his fellow Mercedes teammate.

The now retired driver who made his retirement known immediately after winning a driver’s title recently talked about his last season in Formula one in an interview with Daily Mail.

In the interview which he gave, he did not spare much detail as he took out time to outline the physical and mental sacrifices he had to carry out to ensure that he turns his record against Hamilton around, while also earning him a spot in the history of racing.

Upending Hamilton’s three consecutive championships and getting to the pinnacle of motor racing wasn’t an easily achievable feat for Rosberg. For more than three years, the German had to watch as his teammate posted a dazzling array of victories for the Silver Arrows thus edging him out of contention.

Rosberg noted that he had to follow a more methodical approach in order to undercut the dominant racing instincts of the Brit. He added that he was forced to work at standing his ground which thus made him become more aggressive.

“I had to work at standing my ground. I got more aggressive because too often in the past he had walked all over me,” Rosberg said.

“Lewis is very good at going to the edge without going outside the grey area, thanks to his skills in the car. He is smart, very, very smart. I found it harder to go wheel-to-wheel.”

However, as he continued to work on himself, Rosberg noticed that he got better and better as he gave up drinking, adopted a drastic diet while limiting sugar use.