Nico Rosberg Mercedes Ambassador

Most former F1 champions remain an inspiration for current drivers.

As Lewis Hamilton preps to lead the Mercedes team this season with the Australian GP coming up this month, he feels that Nico’s title won last year will surely be a motivation for him. There is debate as to how Lewis’ performance will be this season. That is understandable as he takes up after Nico gave up his position by announcing his retirement. Last season, Nico performed with a triumphant run and Lewis will be looking to replicate the same this year as he wears his predecessor’s shoes.

Last term saw Rosberg triumph over Hamilton which was a yearlong battle between the two champions. However, with Rosberg decides to retire, the scene changed soon. This season the field is wide open for Hamilton. Nico Rosberg surprised his fans when he announced his retirement last season.

At the age of 32 many would have wanted to see more of him in the pit lanes. However, he has not disappeared completely as he has been retained as an ambassador for Mercedes. Many have waited to see him when he came back to meet his team and generally check out his reaction when he met up with his former rival Lewis Hamilton. However, he had not had a direct chat with Lewis probably because too much attention is on them. When he announced his retirement it took the world by surprise, especially when he won the title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He was recently in Barcelona as part of his new ambassador role or duties. Here he was seen greeting members of his team, including Valtteri Bottas who has replaced him for the current season. As the new season starts, it would be interesting to see the champions compete without Nico is in their midst.