Nico Rosberg To Bounce Back

Rosberg states that he is always strongest after he has suffered difficult moments.

The German Grand Prix which was held at Hockenheim was not ideal for him as he fell behind his competitor Lewis Hamilton. The battle between the two of them for the FI World championship still continues. Hamilton has definitely been having a strong run this year. It has also affected Nico’s scores which have turned the advantage of 43 points that he had into a deficit of 19 points.

Nico admits that his competitor has always been tough to handle. Lewis is strong and it is not only a perception. That is the case in every Grand Prix that he has competed against. Hence it is similar to launching a battle against this driver. However, Rosberg is disappointed in his performance. He had a qualifying strength in the race pace that was held on Friday.

He had been optimistic and was certain that this time he would be winning the trophy. With everything going wrong, it is tough not to feel the disappointment. He feels that he has given enough evidence that he comes back stronger after every defeat. Hence, this time would be no different. FIA Stewards need to be more consistent with their decisions is what Rosberg feels. He had a bit of a tussle with officials on Sunday. He states that the sport provided challenges that are unique in every moment. Again, with a different team of stewards who go to the different races it becomes a challenge for the driver at times. He feels that the consistency of this team should be focused upon by management. The incident that happened at the Hockenheim place cannot be compared with the clash that he had with Hamilton in the Austria race. He feels that the outcomes are different for every race.