This weekend at Abu Dhabi, the final Formula One race of 2016 would be held and NicoRosberg has only one aim – to finish in the top three at the Grand Prix.

If he is able to do that, his first Formula One championship would be guaranteed.

Rosberg is in the lead for the title after garnering a 12 point lead over Lewis Hamilton in the past races. This means that even if Hamilton comes off as the winner of the race, and Rosberg is able to cross the line in third position, he (Rosberg) would still be the champion.

“Hopefully, the fans will get a great show to end the year,” said the German driver who hopes to stop his Mercedes teammate from winning a title for the third straight time and four overall titles.

For the past two seasons, Rosberg has been the runner up for the title but the odds are hugely in his favor this time around.

Going into the summer break, Rosberg was trailing behind Hamilton by 19 points but was able to turn the tables on Hamilton. A seemingly certain victory for him at the Malaysian GP was thwarted by engine failure.

Rosberg was able to follow up this stroke of luck and pad out his advantage to 33 points after coming off victor at the Japanese GP, a race where Hamilton finished in third position.

“I’m faced with pretty impossible odds,” said Hamilton, who has been hampered by engine problems. “But I can’t give up.”

For Sunday’s race at Abu Dhabi, it seems Rosberg would be settling for a cautious approach,

“I was joking that I would still be taking things one race at a time,” Rosberg said. “But, the more I think about it, that’s actually not as crazy as it sounds.”